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Recruiting Staffing Industry

We have been involved in the recruiting/staffing industry for over 20 years now as business advisors, operational managers and as CPAs. We offer perspectives that few training consultants and financial professionals can offer to the staffing/recruiting industry.

Through Wm Stukey & Associates, LLC (“WSA”), we are able to provide sophisticated tax strategies to minimize your federal and state tax burden. Our CPA firm has had experience in the recruiting/staffing industry since 1989 and has witnessed first-hand the “unique strategies of staffing firms” that are survivors of three distinct economic recessions since that time.

To our recruiting industry clients we act first as business advisors based on our experience and on the length of time we have been involved in the industry. We provide unique business strategies that operationally allow your firm to maximize profits, manage growth and navigate through potential economic downturns.

This specialized focus provides a depth of operational and financial knowledge about the needs of the recruiting/staffing industry which provides value that is unmatched by any other CPA firm anywhere in the country. Below are just a few of the services we can provide to you and your firm.

  • Our tax services include the preparation and review of income tax returns. We also offer advance planning to minimize future taxes.

  • Additionally, we have experience in providing assistance in negotiations with the Internal Revenue Service and other state and local taxing authorities.

  • Further, we work with several tax attorneys and advanced corporate planning attorneys. Knowing when to contact these professionals and get them involved has helped our clients immensely on several occasions.

  • Our experienced tax consulting professionals are committed to offering value-added, distinctive tax ideas to your unresolved tax issues.

These are the services we can provide.

  • Individual Tax Return Compliance

  • Corporate, Partnership Tax Preparation

  • Multi-state Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Payroll and Sales Tax Planning and Consulting

  • Tax Planning for Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales Tax Research & Consulting

  • Corporate Reorganization Planning

Through a sister company, Resource Contract Services International (www.recruitersdream.com ), we can show you how to quickly roll out your contract staffing services, contract-to-hire services and long-term staffing services to every state in the USA, maximizing and stabilizing your cash flow in both economic prosperity and recessionary periods.

Resource Contract Services International (www.recruitersdream.com) offers back office contract services allowing you to very quickly place contractors on a W-2 or Corp-to-Corp basis in any state in the US and offshore in India, and receive a generous royalty check for each hour that your contractors work.

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